Loans without Crif Control 3 Solutions for a Financing!

Image result for loan crif controlLoans without Crif control, find out how easy it is to get online financing. Do you want to create a project? Buying new or used cars, home furnishings, consolidating other commitments or simply getting cash as new liquidity?

Many customers are looking for an answer to the question ” crifred loans without a fifth sale, can you get them? “Or” loans without a database “. We will explain to you what the real possibilities are available to you.

If your need is to find a credit institution willing to give money without financial control in the database, Globalfin is able to help you. For more details and a free consultation, contact us now! Fill out the form on our website and within a few moments, a colleague will contact you directly.

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Let’s see now how to get loans without Crif control.

Loans without Crif control, how to do?

Is there really the possibility of obtaining financing without a bank or financial institution checking the position in the credit databases? The answer is yes, but it is not a possibility granted to everyone.

Loans without Crif control (also valid for CTC ) are classified in:

  • transfer of the fifth (salary or pension)
  • payment proxy (for employees only)
  • loan changed (available only for employees of private companies)

These are the three financial solutions, thanks to which it is possible to obtain new liquidity, also registered with Crif, or with a negative Crif.

As we will see in the next point, today some institutions carry out checks in Crif even if it is a transfer of the fifth or delegation of payment. It is therefore not obvious to be able to get money through these credit formulas.

Financials that do not control Crif, do they exist?

Yes, as mentioned before, not all financial companies carry out this assessment in databases that monitor the regularity of payments related to loans, loans, loans or credit cards. It is right to point out that these institutions will provide loans without credit evaluation exclusively with the above-mentioned products, then the assignment of the fifth, a delegation of payment and changed loans.

Therefore, there are no banks or financial institutions willing to grant a loan with a debit on the current account or repayable through postal slips, without inspecting the credit databases.

It should also be pointed out that some structured institutions to grant loans to reported persons carry out the same type of control, causing the customer to reject any new waste. It is the case of Lucia who writes to us:

I asked Unicredit, my bank, for a loan by assignment of the fifth, but they denied me the loan because I was signaled for other loans with a negative crif. I was convinced that I would get this money as a guarantee that I would put my paycheck and severance pay. I need a modest sum, 10000 maximum 150000 euros. Are there any financial companies that do not control Experian or CTC? Can you do something? Thanks so much!

Precisely for this reason, we advise you to rely on consulting companies, as in our case, thanks to which you will be able to obtain with greater serenity the money you need (entrusted to companies that do not ask you for money or expenses, such as Globalfin).

A credit card without Crif control, how to have it?

Image result for credit cardsThis product is not granted in the presence of reports in the database. During the investigation of the request for this card, the credit institution will carry out the necessary checks in order to monitor a financial checkup on the applicant.

Delays, even if regularized, are a risk index for those who must provide money. Therefore these evidence in the credit circuits will inhibit the possibility of obtaining a credit card or a revolving card.

Loans without a database, why rely on Globalfin?



Both a credit brokerage company registered OAM number M359. Unlike a loan agency, which will offer you a single solution, that of the financial institution it represents, a credit broker operates on the market as a financial broker.

In fact, our role is not to represent a specific bank or financial institution, but to identify, among the numerous partner companies, the best offer tailored for you. So even if you’re having problems with negative Crif, contact us!

How does it work?

Our service is absolutely free (without fees). To receive a free consultation without obligation, just fill out the form on our website (the request will not be forwarded to credit databanks such as Crif). Within a few moments from sending, you will receive a call from one of our representatives with whom you will verify our best proposal.

In case you evaluate the offer positive, you will arrange an appointment directly at home. You will not, therefore, need to go to a branch.

Where are you?

The headquarters of the company is Reggio Emilia, but we are active throughout the national territory. So that you live in Milan, Genoa, Foggia, Palermo, Cagliari, Oristano, Grosseto, Terni, Naples, Rome, Modena, Florence, Ancona, Turin or Ragusa, we are able to reach you directly to your home.

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